Treffen mit unsere Partner Organisation Action „Medeor“


Meeting with action medeor our Partner Organitation in Tönniforst, action medeor e.V. is the largest medical aid organization in Europe.

Philosophy: low cost medical aid

Action medeor supports around 10.000 healthcare facilities in 140 countries all over the world. Medical facilities receive drugs as well as medical equipment and supplies either at cost price or as donations.

Emergency and disaster relief

In cases of emergency, action medeor delivers medical aid to the disaster area. Thanks to a permanent supply of 220 different drugs and 450 items of medical supplies and equipment stored in a 4.000 square meter warehouse deliveries of medical aid can reach the disaster area within the first 24 hours.

action medeor stocks Emergency Health Kits ready for immediate shipment in case of emergency. These packages weigh about 900 kilos and can provide up to 10.000 people with medical supplies for three months. Furthermore, other products like special nutrition for victims in famine areas are available from the warehouse in Tönisvorst.

Health care projects

In co-operation with experienced local non-governmental organisations, action medeor handles its own health care projects in Asia, Latin America and Africa. Here action medeor supports the establishment of healthcare services and the education and training of local personnel. These health care workers then can provide medical care for others as well as information regarding prevention and treatment of dangerous diseases.

Pharmaceutical medical expertise

A further goal is the strengthening of local medical structures in developing countries. To achieve this goal action medeor runs training courses for pharmaceutical personnel and supports the local development and production in collaboration with local manufacturers. This is done to achieve a better availability of drugs and reduce the dependency of the developing countries on expensive imports.

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